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Obituary for Florence Elizabeth ""Boots"" Watts (Tegtmeyer)

Don’t EVER call her Florence. Don’t EVER call her Flo. Her name was Boots and to some, Bootsie. To us and all of our friends, she was MOM. Boots was born December 7, 1929 and unexpectedly passed into Heavens gates on March 5,
2019. As legend has it, Boots was given the name by her loving father because when he saw her he said, “What a cute little Bootsie”. She was the youngest of three girls born to Frederick and Florence Tegtmeyer in Point Place Ohio and graduated from Waite High School, married and had three children. Mom loved telling stories of working as a young girl at Tavells as a soda jerk and going to see the big bands play after work. As an adult she didn’t work outside the home much but for a time, she worked at General Mills stuffing toys in the Trix boxes. She would tell the story of the boxes moving so fast upside down and how sick she was of that rabbit. She would stuff three or four toys into each box knowing most mothers had multiple children to deal with! Mom loved fishing, boating, cook outs, bingo, and a whole lot more. She was FUN. She loved gathering of friends and family, nights of laughter and maybe a “little” drinking. The photos tell the stories she was tight lipped about with a smile on her face. She loved asparagus hunting along the gravel roads of Hillsdale County, MI. Back when it was legal she’d catch turtles, kill ‘em, clean ‘em and cook ‘em. She was an amazing self taught cook and baker who passed that down to both her boys who would call just to ask how to “doctor up” a recipe. She loved her tv programs and was excellent with technology. She would get on her computer to print out recipes, check her email or look up anything she felt she needed the answer to that day. She would text, send photos and videos and couldn’t understand anyone her age that didn’t know how to work the DVR. One of moms favorite things to do in recent years was going on drives with her nephew Jim, who was more of a younger brother, although she never knew what he would show up in on any given day from his fleet of vehicles. Jim would pick mom up, they’d take a drive up to Rays Tavern up in Reading, MI for the best burger, check out her old stomping grounds in Montgomery or just a drive around reminiscing of where this one lived, that one lived, or just to see how things have changed through the years. Jim and mom were “thick as thieves” as she would say and the adventures always ended up with them getting lost but mom was never worried as it was the thrill of the day to never know where they’d end up and the story they’d come back with. Mom loved getting her daily texts and early morning calls from her nephew David who gave her all the details of what was happening. If she didn’t hear from David, she was worried. Mom was exceptionally healthy for an 89 year old woman or anyone half her age. She was proud to have renewed her drivers’ license in December for another four years. Good thing since she would have driven without one. “No one will ever take my ability to drive away from me by God.” Left with memories are her 64 year old Baby Boy Bill, with his Dennis the Menace ways, who would phone the “bank of knowledge and resident expert” almost daily that ranged from politics to cooking, mom always had the answer, Bills wife Robin who mom called daughter and who she would call on to help with anything paper work related. If mom wanted something done, she called Robin to “handle it”, grandchildren, Michael, Theodore, Gary and Joshua, her nephews Jim, Rick, David and Bob, nieces Dusty and Carol; her good friend Denise; and last but not least, her loving cat Penny who was her faithful companion. After her husband Paul passed away, Mom met Wayne, the true love of her life who preceded her in death. Also preceded in death are her sisters Evelyn and Leah, her daughter Linda and her son K.C. Services will be held Saturday, March 9 at 2 p.m. at Bersticker Scott Funeral Home.